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Week / Date:

Division 1
2Paul Gulbrandsen00Tommy Talgo18.00
3'Bernard'00William Lonsdaletbs
4Phil Dodd79'Tong'Sat 20:00
5'Gent'00Korn Aksonsil22:00
6Mike Wood55Tony DubensSat 20:00
7Peter Johnson00Brian NuttallNo game
Division 2
8Shawn Cross00'Den'22:00
9Nico Real00Jonathan 'Jon' NashTBS
10Patrick Laureyns00Liam Werrett16:00
11Mikael Tornroos00Nick Pym20:00
12Darren Downs00Pinyapong 'Oak' Chonlahan20:00
13'Phon'00Mick Witteringtbs
14Kevin Tyler00Graham Nolan22:00
Division 3
15Steven 'Steve' Reeves64Theo Van der Schaaf14:00
16Jose Fernandes00'Joy'18:00
17Jason 'Jase' King64'Thinna'20.Oct 15:30
18Colin 'Colin' Martin00Phil WilsonTBS
20'Oh'70Ray MartinSat 20:00
21Chris 'Chris' Lloyd07Geert 'Geert' KoolsSat 18:00

Schedule remarks

  • Games marked with 'Sat' are scheduled for the Saturday of the same weekend. These games can be rescheduled without penalty.
  • Games marked with 'tbs' in the schedule above means 'to be scheduled'.
  • Games scheduled on Sundays can be rescheduled on the same day without penalty.
  • Games can be scheduled in time slots which become available if a scheduled game needs to be rescheduled, or any other day and time, which must be approved by Phil and Bernard. Please agree with your opponent first, then inform Phil and myself. Games should be scheduled after the previous week's games, and before the following week's games, if at all possible.


41 players registered for the new season in 3 divisions. There is one remaining spot which will be filled in the next few days.