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Week / Date:

Division 1
1William Lonsdale00Mike Wood14:00
2Peter Johnson00Nick Pym14:00
3'Wee'103Patrick Laureyns22. Feb 18:00
4Nico Real00Brian Nuttall18:00
5'Hampi'00Paul Gulbrandsen20:00
7Korn Aksonsil00'Jae'22:00
8'Den'00Tommy Talgo22:00
Division 2
9walk over00Liam Werrett
10Darren Downs41'Tak'16:00
11Shawn Cross00Graham Nolan16:00
12walk over00'Phon'
13'Joy'00Steven 'Steve' Reeves18:00
14Pinyapong 'Oak' Chonlahan00'Thinna'20:00
15Phil Dodd00'Fella'22:00
16Brian Callihoo50Johan Svensson15. Feb 18:00
Date played: 2020-03-22

'To be scheduled' games

'tbs' in the schedule above means 'to be scheduled'.

Since we have 32 players competing in the league this season, at least 1 game every week needs to be scheduled on any date and time. Games can be scheduled in time slots which become available if a scheduled game needs to be rescheduled, or any other day and time, which must be approved by the venue and the league operator. Games should be scheduled before the Sunday of the respective week, if at all possible.